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The declension of the noun Vieh is in singular genitive Vieh(e)s and in the plural nominative -. The noun Vieh is declined with the declension endings es/s/-.


Declension of Vieh in singular and plural in all cases

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Nom. das Vieh
Gen. des Viehes/Viehs
Dat. dem Vieh/Viehe
Acc. das Vieh


Nom. die Viecher
Gen. der Viecher
Dat. den Viechern
Acc. die Viecher
⁶ Only in exalted use
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Vieh declension

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Summary of all declension forms of the noun Vieh in all cases
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The declension of Vieh as a table with all forms in singular (singular) and plural (plural) and in all four cases nominative (1st case), genitive (2nd case), dative (3rd case) and accusative (4th case). Especially for German learners the correct declension of the word Vieh is crucial.

Declension Singular Plural

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Singular Plural
Nom. das Vieh die Viecher
Gen. des Vieh(e)s der Viecher
Dat. dem Vieh(e) den Viechern
Acc. das Vieh die Viecher

techno 301 black us bloch 8 leather uk tap shoes taps 11 ladies Declension Singular Plural

  • Singular: das Vieh, des Vieh(e)s, dem Vieh(e), das Vieh
  • Plural: die Viecher, der Viecher, den Viechern, die Viecher
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